Are you looking for a wall art that will become the centre of attention? We have got one right here!

This wall art stands out from what we usually go for. We have used white epoxy resin as a base for this MDF coating. We have mouth blown various colours of epoxy resin in to different directions to achieve this fabulous design. Colours include: green, various shades of blue, gold, black and a touch of purple.  



W: 71cm

H: 52.5cm

Thickness: 20mm


Each of my creations is unique and one of a kind! 


On the last picture you can find some of Sole Woodcrafts other creations 100% designed by us.

Tables on that last collage are not a part of this listing. 

Please feel free to contact us for a custom designed table or other furniture.


Sole Woodcrafts


Green explosion unique epoxy resin wall art